What is Feiyu Tech Influencers?

Feiyu Tech Influencers are those who love our products and are willing to test our products. If selected, you can apply Feiyu products to test for FREE. Particularly, for our newly released products, the Influencers have the privilege to test them before anyone else! We will select the influencers based on your previous works and your review plans.

Who are eligible to apply?

Whether you are a professional photographer, adventurer, filmmaker, vlogger, and any other outdoor lovers, or maybe you are just enthusiastic about shooting photos or videos and like show them off on your social network sites, you all welcome to become a Feiyu Influencer and test Feiyu products. You don't have to be professional, but you have to be creative and show passionate for Feiyu products.

What are the Influencers' responsibilities?

As an influencer, you are expected to create creative contents with the products we offer you within one month. Cinematic videos, comparison videos, quality photos, blogs are all fine. Please note that delayed reviews may impact eligibility to apply for future Feiyu products. If you have special circumstances that may affect the timely review, please inform us via email. You are encouraged to contact our Marketing team ( directly.

Where should I share the review?

You can share your review on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.), YouTube, blogs, review websites or other online space to help spread and enhance Feiyu's visibility online. Don't forget to tag us on social media platforms. Also, please submit your review link via email so that we know you have done the job, otherwise it may affect eligibility to apply for future products.

(Note: If you are successfully selected as a Feiyu Influencer, you'll be contacted via email. Feiyu Tech reserves the final explanation for the campaign.)


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